Premium Policosanol

Sugar cane wax alcohols 33.4mg

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NZ100 Premium Policosanol may support healthy 

circulation and Cholesterol levels, according to human 

clinical research Octacosanol as major component of 

Policosanol might help improve the way our body uses 

oxygen. Policosanol may support healthy total cholesterol 

and LDL-cholesterol levels promote healthy circulation and 

be well tolerated.

Sugar cane wax alcohols 33.4mg, Octacosanol 20mg

Policosanol (Sugar Cane Wax Alcohol)                                                           33.4mg

                        (Equiv. to Octacosanol                                                                  20mg)

Tabletting Aids

Coating Aids

Take one tablet daily with water or take as directed by a healthcare professional.

Do not take if you are pregnant of breast-feeding.

Store in a cool dry pace below 30c.

Keep out of reach of children.

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