Green Lipped Mussel 15000

Clinically researched Green Lipped mussel extract

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Clinically researched Green Lipped mussel extract.

- Rich source of Omega-3.

- Beneficial to heart and respiratory health.

- May help reduce joint inflammation linked with arthritis.


- 100% sustainably harvested from New Zealand.

NZ Green Lipped Mussel Extract                        600mg

       Equivalent to fresh mussel                                15,000mg

 Shark Cartilage Powder                                           75mg

Marine collagen                                                           75mg

600mg  GlycOmega-PLUSTM  produced from   15,000mg   live   Green Lipped Mussels.

Green Lipped Mussel  15000 is a powerful joint support formula which provides high concentration of New Zealand's renown Green Lipped Mussel extract,

Shark Cartilage and marine collagen.

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel is known to contain a rich blend of naturally occuring nutrients to support joint health, mobility and wellbeing.

Shark cartilage processed in New Zealand also supports the effect of Green Lipped Mussel 15000 aims to support healthy joint functions.

Adult : Take 2 capsules daily with food. Or as Professionally advised. 

People  with  allergic  reactions  to shellfish  should  seek  professional  advice.

Keep  in  a  dry  and  cool place.

Keep out of reach of children.

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